MEdia Asset Management

What differentiates Aldis from other Media Asset Management (MAM) providers?

The secret to Aldis is our MAM team, actual human beings who can support our clients on a daily basis and are experts with Masters degrees in Library and Information Sciences. They take great care to structure the organizational and metadata architecture of a MAM system around the client’s established vocabulary for brands, divisions, product groups, shot type, etc. Clients have chosen Aldis because in addition to selling hardware and software, we sell services that ensure your solution becomes an integral part of your ongoing workflow and enhances the value of your investment.
Implementing and supporting a MAM internally requires additional staff and technical support. Many of our clients choose outsource these services to Aldis as an extension to their internal team. We have the resources to manage content libraries and provide a full range of MAM services such as tagging, ongoing system customization and automation, search and retrieval, and providing training and system documentation.

What’s the difference between MAM and DAM (Digital Asset Management) anyways? Traditionally, DAMs have dealt more with still images and finished assets while MAMs have been built to better integrate with a post-production environment, also managing the source materials, related documents, and drafts. Over time, the lines between the two have blurred, but rest assured, Aldis can expertly help with any size of multimedia collection.