If you do nothing with your assets, they will disappear. Every media format ages and deteriorates until one day its contents are inaccessible. Very high quality film might last a hundred years, but most forms of magnetic tape will start to degrade after a decade. Cassettes, disks, and even hard drives require access to equipment that can become obsolete or hard to find. Aldis will help assess your needs by considering environmental factors, storage costs, and the risk of physical damage to your assets.


Any collection possesses a combination of historical importance, cultural relevance, and monetary value. Create custom content to celebrate an institutional anniversary, honor an executive's retirement, or find an innovative way to tell the story of a brand's reinvention over the years. These assets are irreplaceable, and Aldis Systems can help you extract the maximum return from your legacy media. Our team of Media Asset Management experts will craft a solution that ensures your media is preserved, secure and ready for future use.


No storage medium is perfect. Formats come and go, and everything is eventually subject to the ravages of time. By digitizing your collection of assets, the risk of permanent loss is significantly decreased. Aldis can assist in selecting the right long-term storage solution and data migration path for your collection of assets. Whether you're looking to make the move to the cloud or are upgrading to the newest LTO (Linear Tape-Open) format, Aldis can help engineer workflows that create redundant backups and expertly designed archival migration plans to keep your collection safe and accessible in perpetuity.


Digitally preserving your assets can bring new life to your collection, but you can only use your assets if you can easily find what you need, when you need it. Aldis' team of digital librarians specializes in migrating or creating metadata for whatever asset management software works for your needs. Whether your legacy assets live apart from your working files or right alongside them, Aldis will make sure your team won't be doing the digital equivalent of rummaging through unlabeled boxes when you need that perfect shot of your founder or a significant company milestone from twenty years ago.